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Thai the Knot weddings in Thailand. can offer full travel and hotel facility with a
TLC wedding and honeymoon. All inclusive
OR the simplest beach wedding in Thailand. (Insider deals for Hotels in Thailand)

We arrange and organise what
YOU want for YOUR Wedding.

All inclusive wedding...
(Travel, Hotels, Reception + Ceremony)
OR just the wedding on a Thai beach!

Personal English arranger and wedding official Officiant", for your Wedding wishes. 
We can coordinate and help plan your perfect wedding and travel-moon (Free). All legal paperwork is organised and the ceremony is offered at a price you can afford. Wedddings abroad are usually less expensive than ordinary weddings. Your guests pay for their "Holiday" Vacation, and we everyone the best discount travel or Group rate (We negotiate with Expedia), which can mean the TLC wedding couple can go free - nice wedding present!

Tell us what you want and we will personally plan your travelmoon or wedding in Thailand: on a beach, in a chapel on a Thai island. We can even coordinate your travel plans... it's all up to you. With free advice from:"Local People Worldwide"
Reserve your date because places really are limited. (min.3 months)

Thai-the-Knot wedding UK & USA organisation.

Make a date!  (it's free and no obligation.)

You local English and experienced wedding planner in Thailand will  organise everything for you, all the legal paper work and wedding ceremony including officials in Thailand (If you are eloping, local witnesses can be provide as required) Thailand Wedding advice - the word “elopement” once conjured up images of a young man helping his intended sneak down a ladder from her bedroom window for a secret visit to the justice of the peace. With the skyrocketing costs of formal weddings, UK & USA THAI-the-KNOT weddings "travel-moons" in Thailand can make big savings for a big occasion, or you're a “seasoned couple” with past marriages and you want a more subdued private event this time around, and it will be cheaper. Use these steps to plan an elopement in a lot less time than an elaborate wedding ceremony.

1. Talk to to your English Wedding coordinator.

2. Talk directly to the wedding officiant in Thailand.

3. Reserve your date - that's important.

4. Book your travel and hotel in Thailand.
(You don't have to book travel with us but we can give you travel agent rate)

5. Have your dream TLC wedding!

Start today: FREE Thailand wedding planning and personal professional advice:
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How to get married in Thailand.  Wedding VISA information and other legal page click HERE 

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 Thailand honeymoons and weddings:
THAI-the-KNOT weddings
Especially for travel-moon or wedding in Bangkok, Koh Samui, Krabi and Phuket.
Local People Worldwide is about local knowledge and Know-how.
Thai the Knot weddings with and events is one of the local honeymoon and
wedding services in the most romantic places of the world.

Focusing on Thailand: Andre has been here for over 12 years -
he organizes personal TLC weddings in the Kabi region of THAILAND.
He can arrange everything you need for a perfect wedding,
whether it's a simple affair on a beautiful beach for 2
or an All Inclusive package with flights and accommodation for 200... It’s up to you.

If required: Local People Worldwide work with Andre to coordinate the best deal
for flights, accommodation and special car hire... just tell us what you need and want.

Or simply ask for free wedding advice.

Personal travel-moons coordinated by expert
"Local People Worldwide"
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